"The journey that doesnt start in the heart is a dead end"

Social change to neglected children


As my final exam project at the Kaospilots I had the idea of taking the danish hotdog stand (a piece of Danish culture) on a well deserved vacation in Europe to support neglected children’s wards at the local hospital. The project was a great success and this made me invest in a classic Danish hotdog stand, which was to travel the world in order to inspire and create positive social change to neglected children and their families.

By doing this I became a social entrepreneur without even knowing it.

Since 2003 I’ve been self-employed with The Worlds most travelled Hotdog stand as focal point and I teach, give lectures and work as an organizational consultant. In addition to this I am co-owner of another company, which you can read about in the bottom of this page.

Prior to the my education as a Kaospilot I’ve passed the diploma in commerce and taken courses in art, industrial design and graphical design. I’ve spent a few years working as a freelance instructor in outdoor teambuilding and have also gained life- and working experience through long stays in the US and Switzerland and short stays in Durban Vancouver, Los Angeles, Lyme Regis (UK) and Shanghai.


Because of my work as social entrepreneur I participated in an analysis of the fields of CSR and social innovation. The analysis is a cooperation between social- and integration ministry and the, now closed, Center of Social Economy, with the goal to strengthen and increase social economy in Denmark. My experience as social entrepreneur through twelve years in cooperation with private businesses was valuable in this connection.
As they said: Well, you ARE the best case scenario.

If you want to know more about the analysis dealing with CSR partnerships between social- and private businesses,
have a look at these two reports: the long version or the short version.