HotDog Dreamers

World’s most travelled Hotdog stand has an advisory board which consists of a group of people who are both brilliant and has their hearts in the right place. These people are called Hotdog Dreamers.

Mr. Hiremath


Incredibly thriving social entrepreneur and owner of Flexitron, which develops and produces solar driven products for the poorest places in the world. He also advises the Indian government.

Laura Lykkegaard

South Africa

Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador, owner of Cape Capacity, she always has her finger on the South African pulse, and has a special relationship to the people in the Kalahari desert.

Andy Stefanovich


Chief curator and provocateur at Prophet, has a reputation of being one of the most disruptive and effective company advisors in the fields of creativity and branding.

Anders Drejer


Professor by the Institut of economy and management at Aalborg University and author of several books in both Danish and English.

At the age of 34 he became one of the youngest professors in Denmark ever

Niels Møller


Owner of Psykoterapeutisk Institut Aarhus and other companies.

Lives in Aarhus and is always ready for a quick and valuable professional back-and-forth. I would say that he is practically indispensable.

Karin Barreth


Former chief secretary at Kaospiloterne through 20 years and a remarkable live wire. Sadly, in February 2008 she passed away, but her spirit lives on as a huge inspiration. From my very first journey with World’s most travelled Hotdog stand she supported me 110%. ALWAYS!!