In 2015 Pølle was in Sydney, Australia, to support The Alannah and Madeline Foundation – an Australian organization, that work to protect children against violence. Partly by helping children, who have been exposed to violence, and partly through programmes that prevent violence against children.

In cooperation with the Danish Consul general and the famous Australian chef, Jared Ingersoll, we arranged a big hotdog-event in front of the operahouse in Sydney. At this event we collected money and attracted attention towards The Alannah and Madeline Foundation.

We visited two schools and a community center, where we held workshops about dreams and goals for a better future – and inspired the participants with ideas to how they as individuals can make a difference and create positive social change.

SOCIAL VALUE: The Alannah and Madeline Foundation

  • Attention towards the fund and its purpose.
  • Focus on a difficult subject and an often hidden issue – violence against children.
  • 105.000 DKK collected for the fund’s work.

SOCIAL VALUE: Sydney Workshops

  • Inspiration to make an effort to create a better future and to do something nice for other people.
  • Awareness about the fact that positive social change in the community can begin with one self.
  • Dreams and goals for the future articulated and shared in the local community.
  • Strengthened the community.

Summit of hotdog stands in Sydney!

From Sydney Fanny is through to Radio GO!FM and she tells about The Worlds most travelled Hotdog stand and Pølle’s Australian date…

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