As her finishing exam project at The Kaospilots*, Fanny Posselt had the idea of taking the Hotdog stand on a well-deserved vacation around Europe with the purpose of supporting overlooked children’s wards at Skejby hospital. The project was a great success and this made Fanny invest in a classic Danish hotdog stand. Since 2003 Fanny has travelled around the world with the Hotdog stand to inspire and create positive social change for exposed children and their families.

Since 2003 Fanny has been self-employed with World’s most travelled Hotdog stand as focal point. She offers lectures, teaching, process- and project management. In addition to this, Fanny is now writing her second book and is currently developing an online game and an interactive learning tool for the primary schools. By the active link, you can read about the first book Fanny wrote on World’s most travelled Hotdog stand in Danish.

The key competencies are project-, process- and business design.

*The Kaospilots have educated entrepreneurs, change agents and leaders with a creative twist and a global mind-set for more than 20 years.

Fanny Posselt became social entrepreneur with World's most travelled Hotdog stand