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Anette Kalle

Quote after participating as a volunteer sausage agent on the trip to India in 2011.

“All around us there are countless good initiatives, all of which intend to create social change – many stories, destinies, initiatives that can easily be drowned in the crowd.

Pølle “knows something” about standing out and carrying the good, subtle story for stakeholders, business partners and the media with his immediacy, joy and breaking with habitual thinking.

Pølle literally opens doors, making it possible to convey the more serious messages in places where this would not be possible. And in a way where cultural norms and unwritten rules can be partially put out of play for the benefit of the projects.

Pølle can create involvement at eye level – meet us as the people we are behind the fine titles or the poor conditions and trigger our curiosity. The meeting with Pølle is one of those experiences that lives significantly longer than the time it takes to eat the traditional Danish hotter.”