To create social change in India, we have visited Liechtenstein, Switzerland and India.

In India we are committed to creating growth in the poorest areas, so that families can work their way out of poverty and children and young people can get an education.

World’s most travelled Hotdog stand visited India for the first time in 2011 and stopped in Tranquebar, Chetpet, Bangalore and Chennai. Since then we have driven development-projects in Chetpet and Kerela and in 2012 and 2013 we returned once again and engaged a volunteer, Jette Kaae, since 2015. A cooperation that started in 2011.

It is important to us to have a direct contact and involving part in the projects and the local community. Therefore it is of great value to us, that our volunteer, Jette Kaae, lives and works in India and is deeply engaged in creating social change for the poorest people.


  • 2015: Microloans for startup of 30 micro businesses in Kerela. The money is payed back and reinvested.
  • 2012: The 10 poorest families in Chetpet has been given microloans for the purchase of a cow. The milk provides them with an income and this means that they can have 2-3 meals a day and send the children to school.


Dale View is an Indian NGO in Kerela, which has been started by a tireless family, who are passionate about helping the local community.

We cooperate with Dale View on the start-up of micro businesses and at the same time we strengthen the competencies of the organization, so that, in time, they can continue the work independently.

  • Knowlegde sharing and training in social entrepreneurship.
  • Development workshops through Skype.
  • Support for running a social business, that can give the organization a sustainable economy.

A greeting from Deena Das, manager of Dale View, who tells about the progress of the strengthening of the organization.

Request of funds.

Working on starting up new businesses, that can provide an income.

Working on strengthening the structure of the organisation.



CODEP ITI is a technical school for the poorest people in Chetpet, Tamil Nadu.

The students of the school come from extremely poor farm-working families, and the fact that a young man gets an education and a job, can move the whole family out of poverty.

In 2012-2014 we have been strengthening the school’s facilities and the organization.

  • There has been started micro businesses under the auspice of the school, which helps the school to a sustainable economy and trains the students in running a business.
  • Installation of a solar powered waterpump, which provides clean drinking water, watering of crops and water for the school’s service station.
  • The visit of World’s most travelled Hotdog stand has inspired the students and given them an incredible experience.

Update 2018

A plan of 3 years called SOCHA INDIA is developed to support Dale View – local NGO – and we are currently looking for financing for this. The ambition is to strengthen Dale View so that they can help another 2000 of the poorest people every year with a higher quality. This is to create a more longterm and sustainable development. SOCHA INDIA is based on our efforts at Dale View since 2015 with the purpose to improve children’s life conditions.